We Make It Happen®

We Make It Happen®

Minimize Glare & Spill Light
with an LED Retrofit

    But all LED retrofits are not created equal.

Retrofitting LED fixtures onto your existing poles can be a great way to minimize glare and spill light around your facility.

Musco’s Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ retrofit ensures the light control you need without sacrificing quality.

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With patented visoring technology, Musco’s TLC for LED system is:

Better for Players

Better for Fans

Decreases on-field glare, helping players see better.

Decreases glare to the stands, improving the viewing experience.

Creates a curtain of darkness around your facility, preserving dark nights for neighbors and wildlife.

Better for Neighbors

Better for Your Budget

Redirects would-be spill light back onto the field, saving energy and money.

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