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Thank you for your interest in upgrading your current Musco lighting system to our Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ technology. With your current warranty about to expire, retrofitting with our TLC for LED® system will provide you with:

  • Enhanced Playability – Players and spectators enjoy exceptional visibility created by increased on-field light levels and much better uniformity as a result of the system's custom optics designed around the LED.
  • Minimize Spill and Glare – Patented fixture visoring reduces glare and preserves darkness around your facility in ways other manufacturers can't.
  • Gain Structural Reliability – New crossarms on your existing poles provide long-term reliability you won't get from installing new fixtures on existing mounts.
  • Eliminate Maintenance Costs – Our industry-leading warranty covering every part and all labor means you won't pay maintenance costs for a decade or more.

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